Marij van Hameren lives and works in Ulft in the Achterhoek.
She currently mainly makes drawings and paintings.

And therefore alive, presenting itself in various forms.
I examine traces of life, sometimes in human functioning or in what remains of it,
sometimes in nature or in what passes for it.
I isolate from a chaos of mostly false life, images and parts that represent or provoke an experience of being alive.
I like to be surprised by the unpredictability, especially in the material effect. The material plays a decisive role (both 2 and 3 dimensional).

My work usually arises from contact with reality and the experience thereof. A new experience of space is important, the suggestive space in a flat surface, the actual space in and around a 3-dimensional work.
The starting point for most work is reality. What remains are compositions in which the starting point is more or less recognizable.